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Solved! iTunes/iPhoto Sync Error -50

I’ve been fighting this issue for months and finally found a fix, so I thought I’d post what I learned to help others with the same issue.

The Problem:

Every time I tried to sync my iPhoto Library to my iPod, I would get an Error -50.
If I just synced my Pictures folder, it worked just fine. But I wanted to have my albums on the iPod.

Note: I know the Error -50 occurs for other reasons, so I can’t help you with that. But if you’ve isolated iPhoto as the problem, keep reading.

The Steps:

Under Pictures/iPhoto Library, you’ll find a file called AlbumData.xml.
Open this in a web browser. (For Firefox: File>Open Location)
If you get an error message (XML parse error, expected closing tag, etc.), continue.

Open iPhoto. Go to Preferences>Keywords.
Look through all these keywords and delete those with non-alphanumeric characters in them. (Mine had < and > characters, among others.)

Close iPhoto, then open your AlbumData.xml file in the browser again.

If you don’t get any errors this time, you’re good to go!


Remove all the photos from the iPod, in iTunes. (Devices>Your iPod Name>Photos>Uncheck ‘Sync Photos From’ and re-sync, removing photos when asked.)

Re-sync your iPhoto Library to your iPod. (Devices>Your iPod Name>Photos>Select ‘Sync Photos From: iPhoto’)
*Also, always connect the USB cable directly to the computer, not through a USB hub. This fixed several earlier issues, before the -50 error.


Look! No error messages! And albums are on the iPod!
Hopefully, this fixes this error for someone else out there.

My specs: MacBook, OSX 10.4.11, iTunes 7.5, iPod 80gb video (5th gen). Instructions may vary slightly based on OS, browser, and software versions.